CAMSEventEntry access for entrants is now via the CAMS Member Portal on the CAMS homepage..

If you have a CAMS ID (licence number), you can login to the Portal using this ID number and your Portal password. If you have forgotten this password or never had one, click Retrieve Your Password.

If you are new to CAMS, first register to use the Portal and you will receive a CAMS ID number and temporary password, then you can login.

Your CAMSEventEntry entrant username and password are no longer needed.

If you have CAMSEventEntry as one of your browser favourites, change it to the CAMS home page.

Event organisers & clubs should click the Club button below and login to CAMSEventEntry in the usual way with their CAMSEventEntry club username and password.

Need help - call the CAMS helpdesk 1300 883 959.