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Event: Barossa Vintage Collingrove Hillclimb

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Total Entries: 15
Driver Car Class Team/Sponsor Activity Photos
Bentley, BillNadger Clubman 1965Group M - SportsDriver1GpJPhotos
Cossich, EricWolseley 6/80 Flying W Special 1950Group Lb - SportsDriver1GpJPhotos
Cundy, PeterMG NA 1934Group KbDriver1GpJ
Frost, ChristopherHartwig Fargo Special 1938Group Kball about carsDriver1GpJPhotos
Hallo, PhillipAustin 7 Racer Ace 1930Group Jb & VHRR-Austin 7 RacingDriver1GpJ
Harper, TimothyBentley MkVI Tourer 1950Pioneer Water Tanks SA
Jeffries, DanielElfin Streamliner 1960Group Lb - SportsDriver1GpJPhotos
Marriott, JohnAustin 7 1937Regularity & Formula Libra & VHRR-Austin 7 RacingDriver1GpJ
Scammell, JamesRAILTON Sports Tourer (STOKES) 1935Regularity - Div 1 & RRHCA - I Post Vintage Sports 1931 to 1940 - Sports Straight Black & White RacingDriver1ComPhotos
Scammell, JamesCLISBY BANTAM 125cc Hillclimb Special 1954Group Lb - RacingScreaming BlowflesDriver1ComPhotos
Payne, JohnMG TC Racer 1948Group KbELLIS JPRDriver1GpJPhotos
Scammell, JamesCLISBY BANTAM 125cc Hillclimb Special 1954Group Lb - RacingScreaming BlowflesDriver2ComPhotos
Simkin, GarryCooper Mk 4 1950Group Lb - Racingme!Driver1GpJ
Simpson, BrianCooper J.A.P. Mk9 1955Group Lb - RacingDriver1GpJPhotos
Wilcox, Noelde Havilland Gipsy Special 1929Group JbRetro DelightsDriver1GpJPhotos

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