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Event: HQ Nationals/CAMS SCCSA 2019 State Motor Racing Championship Series Round 4

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Total Entries: 151
Driver Car Class Team/Sponsor Activity Photos
Alfonsi, MarkHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HBig Boppa RacingGarage-PitPhotos
Allen, ScottHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HHills & Country Mobile Brake Specialists
Andriske, JosephHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HHarvey's Mechanical & WeldingGarage-Pit
Andriske, ScottHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HHarvey's Mechanical & Welding Garage-Pit
Arnel, LyndonLola T440 1977Group Fa
Ashlin, PhilipHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HAshlin MotorsportGarage-Pit / Garage-Pad
Bailey, AndrewNissan Silvia S13 1991Improved Production - 3JGarage-Pit
Bartlett, RhysBEE CEE FORMULA VEE 1995Formula Vee 1600
Benford, JamesHyundai Excel 1999ExcelVapeboss NZGarage-PitPhotos
Benford, ThomasHyundai Excel 1998ExcelVapebossNZ/Anything cars/ coes auto electricalGarage-PitPhotos
Bennett, AshleighHyundai Excel 1999ExcelSSS Tyres & Brakes
Bialek, Matthewspectre formula vee 1980Formula Vee 1200
Blake, ScottReynard 84FF 1984Group
Boland, Shaunholden hq 1972asset plumbing solutionsGarage-Pit
Boulter, GrahamHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HComplete Windscreens, All Clutch and Brake Service
Boyaci, PanayotPorsche 991 Cup Car 2014Sports Cars Closed - 2A
Bradley, CoreyHolden HQ 1973Corey Bradley Cabinet Maker
Braune, RobertBmw E30 1983Improved Production - 3JBraune Supa Tune
Breen, Phillipholden hq 1971HQ Holdens - 3Himpression window cleaningGarage-Pit
Brown, Christophertoyota AE86 Sprinter 1984Improved Production - 3JNulon / FaustuneGarage-Pit
Butler, AdamHQ Holden 1972HQ Holdens - 3HClassic OldenGarage-Pit
Butler, BradleyHolden HQ 1971HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pad
Bywater, Adamhyundai excel 19993E Circuit ExcelPFD Food Services
Chapley, KevinPorsche GT3 GT3 Cup 2011 2011Sports Cars Closed - 2AGarage-Pit
Chessell, FrankElfin Crusader 1995Formula Vee 1200
Clemente, MichaelHyundai Excel 1998ExcelERAGarage-Pit
Colman, BradleyHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit ExcelColman Inspection ServicesGarage-Pit
Cordwell, OtisHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HCordwell RacingGarage-Pit
Corey, NeilHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HJust Cars
Crouch, Darrylholden hq 1973HQ Holdens - 3Htyrepower blackwoodGarage-Pit
Currie, AdamHyndai Excel 1998Excel
Currie, JarrodHyundai Excel 20003E Circuit Excel
Dale, MichaelFord EA 1989Saloon Cars - 3KMike Dale Automotive
Davidson, Matthewholden hq 1973HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pit
Davis, RyanHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HCLASSIC HIREGarage-Pit
de Meyrick, MaximilianMazda Rx3 1972Improved Production - 3JWeeks & Macklin Real EstateGarage-Pit
Denton, Paulholden vy commodore 2000Saloon Cars - 3Kmorphett vale garageGarage-Pit
Di Biase, PaulSpectrum 011B 2007Formula Ford (Duratec)Garage-Pit
Doig, JamesMotorlab ASP 340 1972Group Q - SportsSASCAR EngineeringGarage-PitPhotos
Dornan, ScottHolden VY 1999Saloon Cars - 3KGarage-Pit
Dunlop, MartinMarch 802 1980Group R - RacingGarage-PitPhotos
Faulkner, JacksonHyundai Excel 2000ExcelIDOCARLOANS/Slideways
Ford, AndrewBirrana 274 1974Group Q - RacingGarage-Pit
Gardiner, SimonLola T460/560 1976Group Q - RacingTorque Racing Brake FluidGarage-PitPhotos
Giustozzi, AnthonyPorsche 997 2012Regularity - PorscheCarport-Pa
Goding, ScottHolden Hq 1972HQ Holdens - 3HPhotos
Green, NathanHyundai Excel 19983E Circuit ExcelAutosport; ULX 110 Custom Blend OilsPhotos
Grice, BenjaminHyundai Excel 2000Hinde Motor Racing ID: 1806016
Harrison, JackHolden HQ 1974Garage-Pit
Harrison, LukeHolden HQ349 1972HQ Holdens - 3HKerway Asphalting/Asset PlumbingGarage-Pit
Heath, TaylaToyota 86 2013Improved Production - 3Jmdr motorsport
Heinrich, Bruceholden hq 1971HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pit
Heinrich, Joelholden hq 1973HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pit
Henley, MalcolmMazda RX7 1979Improved Production - 3JGarage-Pit
Holmes, Peterholden commodore 1998Saloon Cars - 3Kcity dismantlers
Hood, PeterJacer V2K 2001Formula Vee 1600Direct Tyre & Auto Service /Road Runner mini buses/Adelaide truck & bus hire
Hopkins, RichardHYUNDAI EXCEL 1999ExcelAXIS WATER SPORTSGarage-Pad
Howlett, MichaelHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HNetwork CouriersGarage-PitPhotos
Hutchinson, ThomasTVR Tuscan 1989Sports Cars Closed - 2ATriumph Rover SparesGarage-Pit
Jamieson, Shawncommodore vy 2000Saloon Cars - 3Kmorphett vale garageGarage-Pit
Jenkins, DarrenHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HForty WinksGarage-Pit
Jericho, HaydenHYUNDAI EXCEL 1999ExcelCASTROL EDGEGarage-PitPhotos
Johnson, JoelHyundai Excel 1998ExcelJohnson Racing, Autobarn Mildura, Sunraysia Crash RepairsGarage-Pit
Johnston, AsherHyundai Excel 1998ExcelCheck It Out RacingGarage-PitPhotos
Kennedy, Evanholden hq 19727D Racing cars, Sports racing cars, Sports racers over 2000ccNATIONWIDE PLASTICS
Kenny, StuartHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HINSPEK CALIBRATIONSGarage-Pad
Kilmartin, RobertMitsubishi Sports 1998Improved Production - 3JVeterans Racing Team
Laucke, MarkWolf GB08 Tornado 2019Sports Cars Open - 2AJAM; Laucke Flour MillsCarport-PaPhotos
Lawton, AndrewHolden HQ 1971
Lesnikowski, Gregoryformula vee polar 2006Formula Vee 1600Paraprint, Daish irrigation,Strathwoodparkracing
Lines, Davidhq holden hq 1972Garage-Pit
Linscott, MatthewHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HSierra Brava Lodge, Penny MotorsportGarage-Pit
Madden, BrandonHolden HQ 1971HQ Holdens - 3HHarvey's Towing - Harvey's Mechanical & Welding Garage-Pit
Magilton, AndrewHolden HQ 1999HQ Holdens - 3HMiddys, Magilton ElectricalGarage-Pit
Maitland, GrantNissan Silvia 1991Improved Production - 3JTitanium DesignCarport-Pa
Marsh, Laurenceholden Hq 1972HQ Holdens - 3HThe Shed and patio GuyGarage-Pit
Marusic, PedroHolden HQ 1974Outsider skateboards
Matheson, RileyHyundai Excel 1998ExcelTEAM MATHO / MISCH'S MECHANICAL / LEEVERTEKGarage-PitPhotos
Mattiske, DarrenHyundai Excel 1998ExcelPhotos
Maul, DannyHyundai x3 Excel 1999ExcelD & D Mechanical & 4WD GoolwaCarport-PaPhotos
Mccarthy, AndrewRALT RT4 1983Group R - RacingGarage-Pit
McGarrigle, BrettHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HTRACKSKILLPhotos
Fox, Brad Holden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HFOX PERFORMANCE ENGINESGarage-Pad
McGarry, MitchellHyundai Excel 19983E Circuit ExcelLJ Hooker Aldinga/Christies Beach Carport-Pa
McLeod, AndrewHolden Hq 1972HQ Holdens - 3HAndrew McLeod Steel Fabrication
McNamara, TimHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HU-Pull-It
Mere, Phillipholden commodore 1980Improved Production - 3JInnovative cabling
Mitolo, PaulFerrari 458 Challenge 2012Sports Cars Closed - 2AMitcon RacingCarport-PaPhotos
Molle, ChristopherHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HCommand Digital SignageGarage-PitPhotos
Moloney, Tonyholden hq 1973HQ Holdens - 3HMt Noorat Freighters
Mullins, PatrickVan Diemen RF86 1986Group Fc
Naguib, MichaelWest WR1000 2005Australian Sports CarsJames Michael HomesCarport-Pa
Neave, Craighyundai excel x3 19983E Circuit Excel & INV IC - Non MSCA member & GCC - Hyundai Excel (to Circuit Excel regulations)williams cranes /multi metals/ TTD
Newton, AdamSabre 02 2010Formula Vee 1600Adelaide Auto AirPhotos
Nichols, Wayneholden hq 1974HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pit
Nowickyj, MichaelHyundai Excel (H) 19983E Circuit ExcelMisch's Mechanical & Hitec oilsGarage-Pit
Nowickyj, ShayneHyundai Excel (W) 19983E Circuit ExcelMisch's Mechanical & WynnsGarage-Pit
Oliver, AaronHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit ExcelPenrite Oil
Oliver, JoelJacer V2K 2000Formula Vee 1600Garage-Pit
Osborn, BrettHolden HQ Orange 1972HQ Holdens - 3HOsborns Transport/Boys From The Bush RacingGarage-Pit
Palmer, JasonMazda RX7 1981Improved Production - 3JAtomic Watch + Style Yvonne Svensson Architect Palmer Marketing and SalesPhotos
Hames, ScottHolden HQ 1970HQ Holdens - 3HI-METT CoatingsGarage-PadPhotos
Pangler, Brian BoHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HBodeccia Management ServicesGarage-PadPhotos
Peat, DarrenHolden HQ 1971HQ Holdens - 3HJeep Spares - Pace Jeep Pty LtdGarage-PadPhotos
Pannowitch, Shaunhyundai excel 1998Excelcomplete doors and windowsGarage-Pit
Parker, DarrenHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HBritia MotorsportGarage-Pit
Paul, NicholasPorsche 997.2 gt3 cup car 2013Sports Cars Closed - 2AProsperitas WinesGarage-Pit
Poole, Adam Holden Monaro 2006Improved Production - 3JTRP DuctworkGarage-PitPhotos
Redgrove, DavidHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HBoys from the Bush RacingGarage-Pit
Redin, ChristopherNissan Silvia 1993Improved Production - 3JAdelaide Vehicle CentreGarage-Pit
Riseley, DerekHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HValueshopfittingGarage-Pad
Roesler, MatthewSpectrum 011c 2008Formula LibraState Fleet ServicesCarport-Pa
Scaife, NickHyundai Excel 2000Garage-Pit
Schomberg, BradleyHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3Hlaser services
Seymour, MatthewHyundai Excel 2000ExcelApex PoolsGarage-Pit
Sharp, RoryHolden HQ 1971HQ Holdens - 3HTBR RacingGarage-Pit
Simpson, JamesHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit ExcelSFR MOTORSPORTSGarage-PitPhotos
Slade, GilbertHyundai Excel 1998ExcelGarage-Pad
Smith, AllanHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HAGS FAMILY MOTORS
Smith, DavidHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HViking MotorsportGarage-Pit
Smith, Leeholden hq 1972Garage-Pad
Statham, IanMitsubishi Magna 2000Improved Production - 3JMitsi-Bits /Quality Crash
Gonzalez, DanielWolf Tornado 2019Jam Motorsport Carport-Pa
Stibbs, Leehyundai excel 1999ExcelArrow Car SalesGarage-Pit
Strachan, MarkHolden HQ 1972HQ Holdens - 3HGarage-Pit
Surman, RobertStag 76 1976Formula Vee 1200SURMAN METALS
Thomas, ColinElfin NG 1995Formula Vee - 1200cc
Trengove, PaulWest WR1000 2009Australian Sports Cars
Trimmer, AdamToyota 86 2015Improved Production - 3JANDRAWOS AUTO, RiverGraphics, DeadShort ElectricalGarage-Pit
Van De Meulengraaf, ChristopherPorsche 991 GT3 Cup 2016Porsche GT3 Challenge
Vervoort, RodneyHolden Hq 1972Garage-Pit
Vickery, ScottHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HGingers MotorsportGarage-Pad
Walters, GeoffreyVan Diemen RF89 1989Group FcAUSTRALIAN RACEPARTSGarage-Pit
Walters, CameronVan Diemen RF 86 1986Group FcAUSTRALIAN RACEPARTSGarage-PitPhotos
Wanzek, JaydenHyundai Excel 1997RAC U-under 2000ccNational KarateGarage-Pit
Watkins, MarcHolden HQ 1973HQ Holdens - 3HMaster Marine Brokers / WASP SecurityGarage-PitPhotos
Wenzel, SimonHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit ExcelWenzel Race Prep
Whelan, SeanReynard F84 1984Group FbGarage-Pit
Williamson, KeithFarrell Clubman 1981Group R - SportsClare WilliamsonGarage-PitPhotos
Wilson, CameronHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit ExcelZenith Racing Solutions
Wilson, Iantvr tuscan 1988Marque Sports - 2B
Wise, Johnholden hq 1971HQ Holdens - 3HWMS/Wise Motor SportGarage-Pit
Wong, KeithHonda DC5 2004Improved Production - 3JULX110 Blend oils. Veloce Motorsports Adelaide Garage-Pit
Woodbridge, MichaelHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HADH Golf and Utility vehiclesGarage-Pad
Woodland, MatthewMygale SJ09a 2009Formula Ford (Duratec)TCM - Team Curwood MotorsportGarage-Pit
Woodland, SamuelVan Diemen RF06 2006Formula Ford (Duratec)TCM - Team Curwood MotorsportGarage-PitPhotos
Woods, RyanHolden HQ 1974HQ Holdens - 3HSurfers Rent A Car / HSD Cylinder HeadsGarage-PitPhotos
Wright, MatthewDatsun 120Y Coupe 1974Improved Production - 3JViking Motorsport Garage-PitPhotos
Zeitz, JamesHyundai Excel 19993E Circuit Excel & RAC U-under 2000ccLonsdale Auto Service Centre

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