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Name:TEST 6 Hour Relay 2020 TEST
Event Type:Regularity
Minimum Licence:Level 2 Speed
Activity:Three Car Team
Activity:Four Car Team
Activity:Five Car Team
Activity:Six Car Team
Where & When
Event Organiser:NSW Road Racing Club Ltd
Where:Sydney Motor Sport Park (Brabham)
Permit Number:TBA

Entries Open:10/09/2019
Entries close:03/01/2020
Event starts:04/01/2020
Event ends:04/01/2020
Contact Details
Entry Contact:Dianne Mawer
Phone:0427 719 544

Technical Contact:
Three Car Team:AUD 400
Four Car Team:AUD 300
Five Car Team:AUD 240
Six Car Team:AUD 200

Address for Check:
Direct Deposit Acc:

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