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Name:NSW Supersprint Championship Round 5
Event Type:Supersprint
Minimum Licence:Level 2 Speed
Entry Includes:Nil
Where & When
Event Organiser:Mazda MX-5 Club Of New South Wales Incorporated
Where:Wakefield Park
Permit Number:219/2209/01

Entries Open:07/22/2019
Entries close:09/19/2019
Event starts:09/22/2019
Event ends:09/22/2019
Contact Details
Entry Contact:Barry Luttrell

Technical Contact:
Car Classes (these are not the competition groups)
1A 0-1600cc1B 1601cc-2000cc
1C 2001cc-4000cc1D 4001cc & above
2A 0-1600cc2B 1601cc-2000cc
2C 2001cc-4000cc2D 4001cc & above
3A 0-1600cc3B 1601cc-2000cc
3C 2001cc-4000cc3D 4001cc & above
4A 0-1600cc4B 1601cc-2000cc
4C 2001cc-4000cc4D 4001cc-6000cc
5A Group3D - Sports Sedan 0-4000cc5B Group3D - Sports Sedan 4001cc-6000cc
5C Group2B - Prodsports 0-4000cc5D Group2B - Prodsports 4001cc-6000cc
6A Naturally Aspirated Clubsprint vehicles6B Forced Induction Clubsprint vehicles
6C 2WD Open6D 4WD Open
7A Road reg clubmans and FVeeICC-AWDO-All Wheel Drive 2001cc and above
ICC-AWDU-All Wheel Drive 0-2000ccICC-FIO-Forced Induction 2001cc and above
ICC-FIU-Forced Induction 0-2000ccICC-NAO-Naturally Aspirated 2001cc and above
ICC-NAU-Naturally Aspirated 0-2000cc
Entry:$ 240
Cross entry car:$ 240
Club Discount:$ 30 (only available to members of the organising club)

Credit Card: on-line payment available.
Address for Check:88 Fishing Point Road Fishing Point NSW 2283
Direct Deposit Acc:062401 10080286 Ref Super Sprint

Num Extra Description Extra Cost
1 Dorian hire if required $ 17
2 Late entry fee $ 25

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