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Name:PIARC February 2019 Supersprint VSC R1
Event Type:Supersprint
Minimum Licence:Level 2 Speed
Activity:Saturday Circuit Familiarsation
Activity:Sunday Supersprint
Activity:Both Days Early Entry Only
Activity:Warren Reid
Activity:Warren Reid
Where & When
Event Organiser:Phillip Island Auto Racing Club Ltd
Where:Phillip Island
Permit Number:319/1002/01

Entries close:02/10/2019
Event starts:02/09/2019
Event ends:02/10/2019
Contact Details
Entry Contact:Warren Reid

Technical Contact:
Car Classes (these are not the competition groups)
Class A - Up to 1600ccClass B - 1601 to 2000cc
Class C - 2001 to 3000ccClass D - over 3000cc
Class E - Up to 1600ccClass F - 1601 to 2000cc
Class G - 2001 to 3000ccClass H - over 3000cc
Class I - Closed Racing Cars up to 2500ccClass J - Closed Racing Cars over 2500cc
Class K – Open Racing Cars.All CapacitiesA1 - Road Registered 0-1600cc
A2 - Road Registered 1601-2000ccA3 - Road Registered 2001-4000cc
A4 - Road Registered 4001cc & overB1 - Improved Production 0-1600cc
B2 - Improved Production 1601-2000ccB3 - Improved Production 2001-4000cc
B4 - Improved Production 4001cc & overC1 - Sports Sedans 0-1600cc
C2 - Sports Sedans 1601-2000ccC3 - Sports Sedans 2001-4000cc
C4 - Sports Sedans 4001cc & overD1 - Production Sports Cars 0-1600cc
D2 - Production Sports Cars 1601-2000ccD3 - Production Sports Cars 2001-4000cc
D4 - Production Sports Cars 4001cc & overE- Sports Racers & SuperSports
F - Clubman 0-1600ccG1 - Historic Sports and Touring 0-2000cc
G2 - Historic Sports and Touring 2001cc & overH1 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 0-1600cc
H2 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 1601-2000ccH3 - Formula Libre & Group 2A Sports Cars 2001cc & over
J1 - Non-Logbooked 0-1600ccJ2 - Non-Logbooked 1601-2000cc
J3 - Non-Logbooked 2001-4000ccJ4 - Non-Logbooked 4001cc & over
Earlybird Discount:AUD 25 (only available up to 03/02/2019)
Saturday Circuit Familiarsation:AUD 235
Sunday Supersprint:AUD 265
Both Days Early Entry Only:AUD 475

Credit Card: on-line payment available.
Address for Check:not available
Direct Deposit Acc:not available

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